We host a range of exciting programmes, events and networks.

Formation Groups

Weekly groups of 10-12 younger leaders delivered by YLC staff in partnerships with church and school leaders, focused on developing Discipleship, Leadership, Character, Culture.

Wider Leadership Development Courses – Archbishop of York Young Leaders’ Award

Opportunity to deliver accredited programme as part of wider enrichment/leadership pathways in schools – 39 guided learning hours per year.

London ‘Leadership’ residential – January 2017

Residential programme for all members of the formation groups – focused on 4 core strands, and located in a vocational context in London involving opportunities to network with key figures across sectors combining their calling as a leader with their Christian faith and discipleship.

Work Matters, Events and Programme

This is the East Midlands’ largest employability event, set up by Andy Wolfe and Bishop Tony 4 years ago. YLC will support the leadership of the event, and a range of follow up programmes to enable building on this successful event and add capacity to schools.

International Leadership Experience

A group of students will explore a ‘lived leadership’ journey based around the lives and work of key Christian leaders internationally and within the UK. Opportunity to teach about leadership ‘in situ’ – Martin Luther King (USA), and William Wilberforce (UK).

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