All of the YLC programmes are based around the 4 core areas of our curriculum.


  • To equip interns with knowledge and strategies for God-centred leadership
  • Set foundations for life-long leadership patterns
  • Training in self-awareness to lead themselves and others
  • Key text: Courageous Leadership, Bill Hybels


  • To inspire interns in their personal walk with God
  • To establish a deep and significant inner life of a leader
  • Forging life-long habits and disciplines for discipleship
  • Key text: Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster


  • Helping interns to understand the importance of faith within the culture they are a part of
  • Teaching cultural responsibility deeply rooted in God’s kingdom values
  • Understanding the relevance of faith in today’s society
  • Key text: Culture Making, Andy Crouch


  • Understanding the vital character aspects of godly leadership
  • Learning from relevant leaders and stories to pull out key lessons
  • Discovering a framework of characteristics of godly leadership
  • Key text: The Road to Character, David Brooks

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