We host a range of exciting programmes, events and networks.

Sector Mentoring

The Sector Mentoring Scheme exists to help young adults understand and apply their faith to every area of their life, with a particular focus on the world of work. Young adults working or studying in a particular sector are partnered with a mentor who has significant experience in that sector. Our mentors work to help young adults understand how their faith impacts and informs the way they work and what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the work place, working to impact the culture and work life of the contexts they are in.

The Younger Leadership College has mentors in the following sectors:





Creative Industries

Church and Youth Ministry

Science and Engineering

If you’d be interested to be involved with the scheme – either as a mentor or a mentee then get in touch via email – we’d love to hear from you!

Live:Love:Lead Breakfasts

The Live:Love:Lead seminars aim to help young adults understand and apply their faith to all areas of life. We are looking at how to Live (in my relationship with God), Love (with the people around me, in my community) and Lead (in my vocation or context) through a range of relevant and accessible topics. Each month has two TED-style talks; one from a leader working directly in a church context, and one from a leader working directly in a non-church context. Our speakers share some of their own story tied in with what they have learned, or what has been helpful to them when thinking about leading in the various topics we are addressing.

There is an emphasis on discussion to help young adults think practically about their convictions and applications in the areas we are discussing, and to give people a chance to meet like-minded young leaders and to make genuine, authentic friends who are living and working in the same city. We are passionate about equipping the leaders of the next generation to live out their faith in every area of their life for the whole of their life.

The topics for the sessions are as follows:

… with ambition
… with purpose/calling
… with a healthy mind
… in the midst of exhaustion/burn-out
… in the midst of failure
… with a flourishing family life
… with resilience
… with contentment
… in my faith journey
… in today’s culture
… in the midst of suffering
… by investing in others

Sessions take place on the second Saturday of every month and each session (including breakfast) will cost £5. For more information or to book onto the sessions please email beth.yearsley@southwell.anglican.org or use the button below.

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Younger Leadership College – 18-30s Network

The YLC 18-30s network exists to connect young leaders across Nottinghamshire to start a movement that will have an impact on the church, the city and society. Young adults who learn together, socialise together, pray together, worship together and grow together.

The network started in February 2017 where 50 young leaders from across Nottingham and Southwell gathered at Bishop’s Manor in Southwell to start the journey together. The network will include events, socials, conferences, courses and more.

Our next meeting is 6-9pm on Saturday 24th June where we will be gathering for a Summer Garden Party to think about ‘Transitions’ with a BBQ, music and guest speakers to help us think through the transitions we are going through. For more information or to book tickets email us – we’d love to hear from you!

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Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in the College as a participant or as part of the team leading and supporting this great vision.

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