The Younger Leadership College exists to equip, resource and commission 1000 younger leaders between 15-30 by 2023, to fulfil their God-given calling as leaders and disciples in culture and in the church.

The Younger Leadership College stands at the heart of the Diocese’s commitment to Growing Wider, Younger and Deeper, and through its activities has a vision to:


To see a substantial increase in the number of younger Christian leaders (under 30), serving in Worshipping Communities across the diocese in core areas of ministry (lay and ordained): including strategic leadership in mission, evangelism, preaching, leading worship, spiritual formation, ministry of prayer and intercession, compassionate action and social transformation.


To shape the mission of the whole church through the engagement of younger Christian leaders who are passionate about their faith in Christ, spiritually nourished through daily prayer, and theologically articulate, having a clear and compelling Christian world-view that inspires them to make a distinctive contribution in shaping culture and transforming society.


To see younger Christian leaders connected to one another in on-line learning communities focused on discipleship, as well as being nourished through networks that support sustainable patterns of daily prayer.

The College is working with a range of partners across the Diocese, including churches , schools, universities, employers and wider national institutions to develop innovative and dynamic approaches to enact this fantastic vision.

Its central team, made up of a range of leadership staff, teaching associates and interns provides training, events and networks to support younger leaders in 2 streams:


Partnering particularly with schools and churches


Supporting younger leaders in employment, training and university contexts

We would be delighted to welcome you into the College, either as a participant, student, mentor or volunteer supporter, as there are lots of ways to get involved, either in your growth as a younger leader, or indeed in your desire to support younger leaders across the whole Diocese.

We look forward to partnering with you in this fantastic opportunity.

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