Leaders in the Church for the World

We host a range of exciting programmes, events and networks.

Formation Groups

These weekly groups bring together between 8-15 young leaders from Years 10-13 in both church and school Sixth Form contexts to develop their approaches to leadership and discipleship. Through teaching, discussion, debate and relationship, the curriculum empowers them in their development focused on practical leadership experiences.

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Network Gatherings

Each term, YLC draws together leaders from across all its programmes and activities for a network gathering which includes food, worship, prayer and inspiration, equipping and resourcing younger leaders from right across the Diocese to make a difference in their own communities, and connecting with a much larger group of young leaders.

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Investing deeply in our younger leaders sees a range of residential opportunities which allow for a richer and more developed approach to leadership and discipleship. These experiences allow leaders to grow together, inspire one another and pursue their faith in even greater depth. Click here to email us for more information.

Church Skills Training

YLC provides opportunities for younger leaders to develop their gifting in specific church-based skills. This year our focus is on Worship Leading, Preaching and Evangelism. Click here to email us for more information.

1-2-1 Mentoring

As part of our commitment to developing younger leaders, the team invests time in 1-2-1 mentoring with individual leaders across the Diocese, supporting them in their faith development and leadership journey. Click here to email us for more information.

Internship Programme

The YLC Intern Programme provides an amazing 1-year experience for young leaders looking to make a significant investment in their personal growth and development. Click here to email us for more information.

Get In Touch

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in the College as a participant or as part of the team leading and supporting this great vision.

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